Unraveling Tomorrow‘s Food Tech Innovations Today.

Our mindset refers to the untangling of the complexities and addressing the challenges within the food technology industry. We’re eager to explore new frontiers like alternative proteins, algae-based foods, and cultured protein production. Through this focused lens, we help you to uncover opportunities and devise game-changing solutions that fundamentally alter how food is grown, processed, and consumed.

Unravel Ventures: More than just financiers.
We're collaborators in innovation, your co-creators in realizing food-tech visions.

In the crowded venture landscape, Unravel Ventures stands out for its focus on genuine partnerships, particularly in the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A phases. We go beyond mere capital infusion; we’re deeply committed to your venture. Using our extensive network and hands-on experience, we transform your ideas from startup concepts to global solutions.

Got a Revolutionary Idea?
Unravel Ventures is Your Catalyst to Change.

From ideation to execution, we are there every step of the way, providing the fuel to power your startup‘s journey. We want to hear from you, the visionaries and disruptors, those who see potential where others see only challenges. Your innovation could be the next big thing in the food tech industry.

Discover Our Portfolio of Innovations Transforming the Food Tech Landscape.

From plant-based protein developers to precision photosynthesis firms, our portfolio is diverse and global. At Unravel Ventures, we pride ourselves on having an eye for promising startups in the food tech industry. Explore our diverse investments and see how we’re transforming the global food ecosystem.

Are You the Food Tech Visionary We‘re Searching For?

We are not just seeking entrepreneurs; we are looking for scientific entrepreneurs who can blend cutting-edge research with business acumen. We want to unlock the potential of brilliant minds that dare to challenge the status quo and dream of revolutionizing the food tech industry.

Ready to Embark on Your Food Tech Journey? Let‘s Unravel the Future Together.

If you‘re a scientific entrepreneur seeking an investor that believes in your vision, your science, and your potential to disrupt the food tech industry, we invite you to connect with us. Let‘s unravel the potential of your ideas and embark on a journey to a sustainable and nutritious future.